WW2 Quiz

1 Who was Prime Minister of Britain for longer? Neville Chamberlain or Winston Churchill?

2 When did WW2 start?

3 When did Britain declare war on Germany?

4 Did Czechoslovakia give Germany Sudetenland?

5 How many gas masks were given out in Britain?

6 How many children were evacuated?

7 How many evacuees didn’t see their parents again?

8 Name two countries that were neutral?

Screen Shot 2015-05-13 at 5.07.32 pm  

WW2 Quiz Answers


6 thoughts on “WW2 Quiz

    1. miss you too! we should all start doing pickwick again! we don’t have to do it every week but just when we can! And maybe just the website because it’s too hard to do all the printing!

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