Wé McDonald Answers your questions!

Wé McDonald joined the NBC TV show ‘The Voice’ and you may have not heard of her before but she is AMAZING! The source of this interview is from News-o-matic. Enjoy!

“What kind of music did you listen to as a kid?”
I was such an old soul as a child. I listened to anything to Aretha Franklin to, like, Queen. So, I had a pretty broad spectrum of what I liked to listen to.

“Hi. I am in Grade 4 and I think my singing is terrible. Do you have any ideas on how to make it sound better?
Terrible? Well, we are our worst critics. So, first off — don’t put yourself down. Two, don’t compare yourself to any other singer because you’re unique as you are. And three, warm up every verse and just try to emulate the music that you like. But don’t try to top it because that’s not how you succeed. Believe in yourself, believe!

“What did it feel like to be up onstage in front of so many people?”
It felt wild, like a big dream. You look at all the people and you’re wondering what they’re looking at. And you have to realize that they’re looking at you.

“Did you ever feel like you would give up? And if so, how did you persevere and get through it?”
I had plenty of moments where I felt like I wanted to give up. The main thing that kept me going is the idea of succeeding. And just knowing that I had a duty to keep going. The rough roads are just that for right now. They’re going to be rough. But anything worth fighting for is gonna be hard to get through

“When did you first sing in a performance? And then when did you know you were good at it?”
The first time I ever performed in front of someone, I sang with my sister, and it was at a school recital. I was about 9, and I sounded like a frog. I didn’t realize I was good until I was about 11 or 12.

“What did your voice sound like when you were little? So I guess frog like sometimes.”
It sounded quite froggy. So people were shocked about that! Because I didn’t know how to control it yet!

“Is there any particular reason that you love “Bohemian Rhapsody”?
That was a song that I could never get tired of. And I was going through a lot of tough times and the first song that I would put on is that song.

“Do you have any advice for kids who are bullied or who want to chase their own dreams?”
For the kids who are being bullied: Just remember that it’s not directly geared towards you. The reason that the bullies are mean is because they don’t like themselves, and it truly — almost 100 percent of the time — it has nothing to do with you. It’s all their insecurities.

So just stay headstrong and if you wanna achieve all of your goals, then you really do have to believe in yourself and not have to go off of what anybody else says. You believe in what you do, and if it’s wholehearted and good and beautiful, then no one can stop you.

“What you’ve been doing since you’ve been on the show?”
I’ve been doing so much since I was on the show. I’ve been performing. Back and forth to LA. I’ve been having a blast!

“When did you decide to be on the voice? How did you get there and perform in front of those judges?”
Well, I always liked The Voice. I always liked the way that they did things; I liked the fact that they couldn’t see you and they didn’t know anything about you — your name, where you’re from, your story — they just heard your voice. And if they wanted you on their team, then that was that. My father actually surprised me because he had no doubt. And then there’s five other auditions. And then if you make it that far, then you get to be on the blind audition.

“How can your voice go so high and so low?”
I don’t know. That’s a question I honestly can’t answer. It’s just like that. I remember people used to always tell me that there was something wrong with that, so they would even try to deepen my speaking voice or make my singing voice higher. And it never worked because that’s just naturally how it is.

“When you were little, did you expect to become famous? When I grow up, I wanna be a famous singer.”
Well, first off: If she believes that you can do that, if she wants to do it, then she can go ahead and do it. And I didn’t really know that I was gonna be famous. I just knew that I wanted to sing and dance and act and have fun. And make people happy in the process. I didn’t know fame came with that. So it’s really, really cool that I get to go through it, and I’m making my younger self very happy right now.

You can watch Wé perform on The Voice! Just click this link! https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=W%C3%A9+Mcdonald+the+voice



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