Apollo 11 on the Move Again!

25th of March 2017
Apollo 11 was first launched on the 16th of July 1969 and 4 days later two men from the mission were the first people on the moon! Now almost 50 years later it is on the move again but instead to all of the major museums in America! The exhibition is called “Destination Moon: The Apollo 11 Mission.” There will also be other artifacts such as the helmet that Aldrin wore on the mission, a rock box to bring back samples of the moon and a survival kit they brought with them. Here is the timetable for where the Apollo 11 will be!

Space Center Houston | Houston, Texas 🚀
October 14, 2017, to March 18, 2018

Saint Louis Science Center | St. Louis, Missouri 🚀
April 14, 2018, to September 3, 2018

Senator John Heinz History Center | Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 🚀
September 29, 2018, to February 18, 2019

The Museum of Flight | Seattle, Washington 🚀
March 16, 2019, to September 2, 2019


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