My District Athletics Day!

Hi Readers! I go to a primary school called Bundarra Primary in Portland Victoria and on the 16th of March my school had their School Athletics Day and it’s much different to all the ones I’ve been to in Jogja! We had to do 800m Long Distance Running, 100m Sprints, Hurdles, Long Jump, High Jump, Triple Jump, Discus and Shotput! I thought I did pretty well! And then on Friday my PE teacher told me that I got into the District Athletics Day for Discus, High Jump and Relay. District Athletics is where each school picks students who did well at the school sports day get to go to another athletics day against all the other schools in the district! Because I live in Portland I competed against Portland Primary, Portland North Primary , Portland South Primary School, Narrawong Primary, Heywood Primary, Bolwarra Primary, Dartmoor Primary, All Saints Private School and St. John’s Lutheran School! I didn’t do very well in my three events at District Aths but it was still pretty fun!

Thanks for reading and we’ll give you another story from another Pickwick ¬†Memeber next time!



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