The Great Egyptian Surprise!

Egypt is a land full of fascinating treasures and archaeologists keep on finding more! On March 10th archaeologists from Egypt and Germany discovered something unexpected! They had found an 8m statue of who they think is pharaoh Ramses the 2nd! It had been dug up in the middle of a construction zone in a busy neighbourhood. The statue was around 3,000 years old and the team of archaeologists had been working there since 2012. The first sign of the big discovery was when the workers saw a smooth rock sticking out of the ground which happened to be the statue’s chin! More than 150 people helped dig and dig and dig in the muddy soil for two days until Finally they pulled out the statue’s head! It was so heavy that they needed a forklift to get it out! But still in the ground was an even bigger part which was the torso. That part alone 3,000 kg! And the team is trying to figure out if it really is a statue of Ramses the 2nd. He lived until hew 96 years old and ruled Egypt for 66 years. During his reign Egypt won many battle and built huge palaces. If this statue really is of Ramses the 2nd it will go to the Egyptian Museum which is under construction but will open up again in 2018!


Go to this site to watch the video!


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