The Longest building?!


Skyscrapers are really living up to their name as they get taller and taller! Currently Dubai’s Burj Khalifa reaches higher than any other building in the world with the height of 828m but workers worldwide are planning on building even taller buildings and towers! But a clever company in new York asked a question that changed the whole picture! “What if our buildings were longer instead of taller?” And then Oiio Studio designed the BIG BEND! The buildings shape would be an upside down ‘U’ and will go from the ground reach up to the sky, curve and go back down to the ground which will make it a whooping 1,200m! It would have lots of big windows which will have an awesome view of Central Park in New York because it could be built right in front of it! This building will probably not be built but it could be in the future and the cool idea has gotten people thinking of what the city’s skyline future!


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