The End of California’s Drought!

California has many large lakes but for the last 6 years they have been low and the forests have been very dry and many trees have died. This has happened because California has been under a heavy drought for a long 6 years and now the drought is officially over! The drought started in 2011. The land began very dry which lead to huge, dangerous  wildfires. People had limits and restrictions on how much water the could use and when they could use water for certain things such as when they could wash their cars or water their lawns. In some smaller towns they had to get their drinking water delivered from other places. The drought was caused by warm winters and and not a lot of rain. But lately the weather has changed. They have had lots of snow which will melt and give the state their water! The lakes are now full and the forests are green again! Unfortunately Governor Jerry Brown said that the next drought will be right around the corner.

During the Drought



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