The End of California’s Drought!

California has many large lakes but for the last 6 years they have been low and the forests have been very dry and many trees have died. This has happened because California has been under a heavy drought for a long 6 years and now the drought is officially over! The drought started in 2011. The land began very dry which lead to huge, dangerous  wildfires. People had limits and restrictions on how much water the could use and when they could use water for certain things such as when they could wash their cars or water their lawns. In some smaller towns they had to get their drinking water delivered from other places. The drought was caused by warm winters and and not a lot of rain. But lately the weather has changed. They have had lots of snow which will melt and give the state their water! The lakes are now full and the forests are green again! Unfortunately Governor Jerry Brown said that the next drought will be right around the corner.

During the Drought



The Great Egyptian Surprise!

Egypt is a land full of fascinating treasures and archaeologists keep on finding more! On March 10th archaeologists from Egypt and Germany discovered something unexpected! They had found an 8m statue of who they think is pharaoh Ramses the 2nd! It had been dug up in the middle of a construction zone in a busy neighbourhood. The statue was around 3,000 years old and the team of archaeologists had been working there since 2012. The first sign of the big discovery was when the workers saw a smooth rock sticking out of the ground which happened to be the statue’s chin! More than 150 people helped dig and dig and dig in the muddy soil for two days until Finally they pulled out the statue’s head! It was so heavy that they needed a forklift to get it out! But still in the ground was an even bigger part which was the torso. That part alone 3,000 kg! And the team is trying to figure out if it really is a statue of Ramses the 2nd. He lived until hew 96 years old and ruled Egypt for 66 years. During his reign Egypt won many battle and built huge palaces. If this statue really is of Ramses the 2nd it will go to the Egyptian Museum which is under construction but will open up again in 2018!


Go to this site to watch the video!

The Longest building?!


Skyscrapers are really living up to their name as they get taller and taller! Currently Dubai’s Burj Khalifa reaches higher than any other building in the world with the height of 828m but workers worldwide are planning on building even taller buildings and towers! But a clever company in new York asked a question that changed the whole picture! “What if our buildings were longer instead of taller?” And then Oiio Studio designed the BIG BEND! The buildings shape would be an upside down ‘U’ and will go from the ground reach up to the sky, curve and go back down to the ground which will make it a whooping 1,200m! It would have lots of big windows which will have an awesome view of Central Park in New York because it could be built right in front of it! This building will probably not be built but it could be in the future and the cool idea has gotten people thinking of what the city’s skyline future!

A New Rubik’s Record!

Completing a Rubik’s cube is hard work and can often take a LLLOOOOONNNGGGG time and is really hard! The last record for completing this puzzle was by Feliks Zemdegs at the POPS Open in Melbourne 2016 was 4.73 seconds and now a man called Albert Beer from Germany invented a robot to do all the work for him! He named this machine the ‘Sub 1 Reloaded’! This robot has now broken the record with only 0.637 seconds! The robot used a cube with parts that could move much faster than normal. The robot is connected to a computer that is programmed to figure out a solution to get a colour on each side! The Robot has six arms and it only took 21 moves to do it in a fraction of a second! The last record broken by a robot was in 0.887 seconds but the record for a non robot is still held by Feliks Zemdegs. It isn’t very easy to beat Feliks but you could be in training to be the next Rubik’s cube record breaker!


A Rare Whale Caught on Video!

There are many amazing creatures in our oceans but there are ones that are difficult to find our track. An example of one of these creatures is the True’s Beaked Whale it is one of the rarest creatures in the world! On March 7th scientists released the first ever video of the True’s Beaked Whale! The video caught 3 of these species swimming near the Azores islands in Portugal where high school students were filming these rare animals on a class trip which would have made me SUPER excited! (This is Fay!) The 3 were 2 parents and a little calf. The lead author of this report was Marine Biologist Natacha Augilar de Soto couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw these whales on her computer screen! These whales have only been sighted 50 times in all of history! These whales aren’t seen often because most of them live in the DEEP oceans and because they are mammals they come up to the surface to breath for a minute or two and can last underwater after that for 1-2 hours! Scientists will use this footage to study these magnificent creatures to take care of their young so that they don’t become extinct but will have to go very deep because even when they are young they can dive to great depths! To watch the video click this link!

Apollo 11 on the Move Again!

25th of March 2017
Apollo 11 was first launched on the 16th of July 1969 and 4 days later two men from the mission were the first people on the moon! Now almost 50 years later it is on the move again but instead to all of the major museums in America! The exhibition is called “Destination Moon: The Apollo 11 Mission.” There will also be other artifacts such as the helmet that Aldrin wore on the mission, a rock box to bring back samples of the moon and a survival kit they brought with them. Here is the timetable for where the Apollo 11 will be!

Space Center Houston | Houston, Texas 🚀
October 14, 2017, to March 18, 2018

Saint Louis Science Center | St. Louis, Missouri 🚀
April 14, 2018, to September 3, 2018

Senator John Heinz History Center | Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 🚀
September 29, 2018, to February 18, 2019

The Museum of Flight | Seattle, Washington 🚀
March 16, 2019, to September 2, 2019

A Polluted Holy Lake

For 3,000 years people have lived by the Lake Titicaca. The Ancient Incas called it they’re home and believed that the sun was born in the sacred lake but now the lake is filled with rubbish and dangerous waste. Lake Titicaca is the largest and deepest lake in South America and it fills the border between Peru and Bolivia. The pollution isn’t always easy to see because it is so big but it is very obvious along the shore. Inside the water there are also toxic metals such as mercury, lead and illegal gold mines in the nearby towns dump they’re harmful chemicals into the lake as well. 1.3 million people currently live there and many families have worked as fisherman for generations and the problem is that the fish and animals in the water eat the rubbish which makes the fish unsafe to eat. Everyday the lake becomes even more polluted and it becomes harder for people to live there. The water and fish makes them really sick and get rashes and diarrhea. The lake can become all cloudy if the problem continues the blue colour will be completely lost and people living by it would be in a lot of trouble. The chemicals could also make the Titicaca water frogs be extinct. In 2016 the leaders from Peru and Bolivia promised to spend at least $500 million on protecting the lake.

This article is based on an article by News-o-matic.