A New Rubik’s Record!

Completing a Rubik’s cube is hard work and can often take a LLLOOOOONNNGGGG time and is really hard! The last record for completing this puzzle was by Feliks Zemdegs at the POPS Open in Melbourne 2016 was 4.73 seconds and now a man called Albert Beer from Germany invented a robot to do all the work for him! He named this machine the ‘Sub 1 Reloaded’! This robot has now broken the record with only 0.637 seconds! The robot used a cube with parts that could move much faster than normal. The robot is connected to a computer that is programmed to figure out a solution to get a colour on each side! The Robot has six arms and it only took 21 moves to do it in a fraction of a second! The last record broken by a robot was in 0.887 seconds but the record for a non robot is still held by Feliks Zemdegs. It isn’t very easy to beat Feliks but you could be in training to be the next Rubik’s cube record breaker!



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