A Rare Whale Caught on Video!

There are many amazing creatures in our oceans but there are ones that are difficult to find our track. An example of one of these creatures is the True’s Beaked Whale it is one of the rarest creatures in the world! On March 7th scientists released the first ever video of the True’s Beaked Whale! The video caught 3 of these species swimming near the Azores islands in Portugal where high school students were filming these rare animals on a class trip which would have made me SUPER excited! (This is Fay!) The 3 were 2 parents and a little calf. The lead author of this report was Marine Biologist Natacha Augilar de Soto couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw these whales on her computer screen! These whales have only been sighted 50 times in all of history! These whales aren’t seen often because most of them live in the DEEP oceans and because they are mammals they come up to the surface to breath for a minute or two and can last underwater after that for 1-2 hours! Scientists will use this footage to study these magnificent creatures to take care of their young so that they don’t become extinct but will have to go very deep because even when they are young they can dive to great depths! To watch the video click this link!


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